Tube Blazer

This Program was inspired by a contest for the best Java game with a size of no more than 4k. It is a variation of an old game called Trail Blazer. You are a ball trying to roll along a tube that stretches through space (yep, it's one of them everyday situations).

Try to stay inside the tube, avoid the holes, go for the highscore. One score point is awarded for every row of wall tiles the ball passes, and the score is reduced by one for every jump the ball makes. The score is displayed in the upper left corner, the frames per second in the upper right corner ( when there's less than 18 fps ).

Steer the ball with the left and right cursor key and the space bar (makes it jump). Any key not used for the ball restarts the game. Alt+F4 ends the game. It is possible to steer while the ball is jumping. It is also possible to roll from one tile onto another even if only their their corners connect.

If the frames per second stay below 18 (on average) when you play Tube Blazer, try Tube Blazer Light instead. The tube doesn't look as nice, but it runs a lot faster.


Here's a screenshot from Tube Blazer


  Download Tube Blazer  

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